New Property Manager!!!!!

If you have looked at Emerson in the past and been disappointed, I highly encourage you to come back and look again when considering apartment communities in Frisco, TX! Any complaints I have had in my first 11 months living here are being QUICKLY & AGGRESSIVELY addressed by new Property Manager, Lisa Everett. It is truly admirable all she has taken on here since taking over just a few short months ago. It is keenly evident here is a new Sheriff in town that is taking on any and ALL issues to make sure this property is at the very top of its game in every aspect a reasonable tenant could ask for and more. I rated this 5 Stars today; six months ago, I would have been hard-pressed to rate it with even 3 Stars. I have seen the projects Lisa and her team are taking on and COMPLETING by the dozens big and small! The evidence and progress is clear every single week in the amount of things that are FINALLY getting addressed and done here!! I was certain I would look elsewhere when my 1 year lease came up, but I have now gladly renewed my lease and am confidently looking forward to a much better year ahead at The Emerson at Frisco Market Center. Come see what is happening for yourself!